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Thing Called Us


  • Thing Called Us

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    Hamilton Park

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Ms.R&B's picture

I love the fact that just by looking at one would expect such silky voices to come from your mouths..I read your Bio and I pray that God continues to bless you all as you continue down this path. I miss the real R&B and you guys are def bringing that back. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in person :) love both your songs..esp Thing Called Us
shaybabii's picture

iLOve This Song iTs Basicly What iM Going Through With My Relationship Right Now....Most People Can Really Relate To This Song. This iS One Of My Favorite Songs. Hamilton Park iS The Best Singing Group Out Right Now To Meeh. iLOve Hamilton Park.(;
Tatylicious_Babe's picture

This song is constantly on repeat.!! Gettin everybody else hooked so they can be in Hamilton Park Heaven like me.!! :)) Much lovee ?
google5jay's picture

I am falling in love with your musics , how can you guys so awesome !!!!!!!!! your musics cured my broken heart , too ~~ thx , Hamilton Park :)
TREYSONGZ:):)'s picture

I love you guys! Your music is amazing and everything about it is just amazing!:) Can't wait for the next biggest hit. I love Hamilton Park! Forever a Hamilton Park fan!:) The video is very amazing and your voices sound very good!!!!!:):):) Hamilton Park is the new Jagged Edge!!!:) I would love if you guys came to PA! I woud be there! LOVE YOU!!!!
quoiab's picture

i love you guys .. keep up the good work ! nd make real music lovers proud ! .. yall are like the modern day blackstreet or jodeci .. boyz 2 men ! keep it real & lovee yall again . cant wait till the cd drops !
alicia's picture

Just saw you video on 106 & park ! Love your video and you guys can really sing ! Hmm you guys are all sexy ! Can't wait till your cd come out ! Best of luck on your music
meccasexy's picture

when is yall going back to columbus ga
Diamond's picture

When are yall coming back to Nashvile??? I would die to see yall down here.
Nikki's picture

Where can you purchase your music? I tried Amazon and iTunes, but neither has the single?
wwhscheer's picture

I love you guys and the fact that your songs are breaking the mold of all songs out there is AWESOME!
amy's picture

i love you guys! The lyrics to this song are great!