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Chris Voice

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Chris Voice
Chris Voice
November 9th
Astrological Sign: 
Favorite Food: 
Favorite Color: 
Favorite Actors: 
Denzell Washington, Will Smith, Al Pacino and Robert Dinero
Favorite Movies: 
The Five Heartbeat and Friday
Favorite TV Shows: 
The Game
Favorite Gadgets: 
iPhone and iPad
Favorite Sport: 
Favorite Athletes: 
Dwight Howard, Mike Vick and Terrell Owens
Favorite Cars: 
Benz 550
Favorite Book: 
The Dream Giver
Favorite Artist: 
Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Musiq
Favorite Song: 
Love by Musiq Soulchild
Favorite Album / CD: 
Better Days by: Joe
Favorite Website:
Favorite Super Hero: 


Heartlesz_Lover's picture

Hey Chris I wanted you to know that I <3 HAMILTON PARK but your my favorite you have a voice like a Angle & I also want to say thank you guys for bringing True R&B back <3 ya

sharrell's picture

love you and your favorite color is blue not black

BritLovesHamiltonPark's picture

Hey Chris, I just wanted to let you know you are an Amazing singer (you already know) just like the reast in the group cant wait to see on Dec27 in Jacksonville.!

star215's picture

hey chris i wanted to kno when will hp be comeing to philly and can u follow me on twitter @meisha215

sharrell's picture

hey chris love you follow me back on twitter @mrsHamiltonPark please in keep doing what you do the HPsweethearts got yuor back 100%

star215's picture

hi chris im loveing u right now and i think ur hot can ii talk to u some time

HamiltonParkLoverr97's picture

i love the part of the song when you came on, you really did your thing. all i'm gone say is yall keep doing what yall doing.

tea-tae jenea boo's picture

hi chris i love ur voice u n da others i listen to yall on da radio every time i here yall i think of da time when yall came to my shcool

LovelyBrianna's picture

-Hey Chris I just wanna say first off ilove you and im always listenin to your music . But one thing I do wanna tell u and the other guys is to your haters hate cause the more they hate the more yall will rise . So good luk wit the rest of the big things coming yall way

sharrell's picture

OK horny teen girl what every your name is chris voice is sexy as hell and hamilton park is the best i don't know what is your problem in i really don't give a fuck don't get mad at my boo cause you maybe ugly as hell in he don't want you keep my boo name out your damn mouth before i shut it for you bye have a new day now. love you chris voice your the best

MZ.ERAINIA's picture


sharrell's picture

you are so sexy have some pretty eyes and a great voice i made a chain with your name in mine in a heart next time went you are in new york i will give it to promise love you bye follow me back on twitter at @sharrellknight to you make me cry went you sing and don't follow me back

Kaybee's picture

I was standing right beside you while taking the picture... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH y'all don't know how badly I wanted to SCREAM but I felt that would be embarrassing so I did it later on. Luv ya ! Thanks so much for coming to COLUMBIA SC !!!

Princess_Pinkston's picture

Hey PRETTY EYES! Had to stop through here and show you some love as well. Ur talent is undeniable and you are heaven sent. Thanks for being you and giving us great soulful music. You are handsome and those eyes just take me to another level. Keep doing what you do and thanks for following me back on twitter and accepting my friend request on Facebook. MUAH much love and keep doing what you do.

Anisa's picture

We would gladly appreciate if you came preformed @ our high school Abraham Lincoln High School in San Diego California , we are big fans of you quys music we would very appreciate it so very much

Jasminee's picture

it would an honor if you guys blessed us with your apperance at linclon highschool in san diego california. we had a power point on some of our favorite artist and a girl did one on your group and we all INSTANTLY fell in love with you guys music. PLEASE PLEASE consider performing at our school !

horny teen girl's picture

omg i totally love you. sike jk yall fucking suck you need to learn how to sing and stop tring to be the "BLACK" insinct and plzz go do something about the ugly one yall know who im talking about... hmmmmmmmmmmmm chris

aNewFan's picture

I caught your towel at the Scream Tour Concertin Philly :)

dahispanicnigga's picture

Chris Voice!!!!!! your so fucking Ah!-Mazing!!! and Seductive!! i LOVE you!!! soooo Much!!! your so FIIINNNE!!! follow My Twitter @ItsLadyRampage

MYZTIK's picture

Chris Voice, you're a talent, you know that? All of you are as HP, and don't ever forget that. Just listened to the new single this afternoon on the radio, and after discovering more about you guys I couldn't help but fall in love with y'all. As an individual voice put into HP, yours is magical. Hitting a couple falsetto notes isn't anything to you, and that's a beautiful thing. Everyone loves a dude who can sing beautifully like that. Don't stop shining, Chris! Love you.


itz_yayabithxz :)'s picture

I Love Hamilton Park i heard there song on the Radio and Then the Video was the new joint of the day on 106&Park To -Thing Called Love I Cryed when i heard the song and saw the Video it was amazing you guys sound is that old R&B the real deal not that other stuff I just wish you guys much sucess in what you guys do now & in the future & let the haterz hate it just shows that u guys are doing something they wish they were ? ya #1 fan Domnique :).

leah songz's picture

u sexyy

quoiab's picture

Omgg He's My Fav I Love Him !!! He So Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! :DD Everything About Him Is B O M B . WHEN YALL TOUR COME TO LAS VEGAS !!!!

Pamela Guzman's picture

#cyncere! my teenage years crush! :P congratulations on realizing your dreams! i am soooo very proud of you! fly high!

SexyYellowBone's picture

you soo dang cute you need to come back to wooddale high in memphis tn

LovingHimSo GuudNae's picture


Javonte's picture

i had fun today when yall was at cloverdale

Mz_Lee's picture

i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvia's picture

Hey, just bringing all my love and support from London to your page. Keep doing your thing!! Proud Sweetheart on deck!!

Jhdiamond09's picture

Yooooo! Just wanted to stop by and show some love! Keep it Gucci man... y'all are doing Awesome things! #BowBow


Yay!! First comment!! You know ya sis had to come thru & show you some love! So proud of yall it don't make no sense!!! Keep it up bro!! Love ya!!