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wats hannin* in my ant voicee* aha well 1. I loooove HamiltonPark!!! #HPSWEETHEART !! (: 2. they call me H P Lil Sis (: i looooveee dhem specialy.. royce! the prince (: welll my prince lol. but i love marcus ant and chrisvoice too! oo chris dont even get me started on dem eyees . and marcus lord jesus!!!! then anthony dorsey,,, i jus get speechlesss he is jus mhhm (: hp is a blessing, they was sent from heavan .... im I N LOOOOVEEEE WITH H A M I L T O N P A R K! thers not a day that i dont talk bout them or listen to their music.!
United States
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Favorite Food: 
Soul Food
Favorite Color: 
Pink/ Red
Favorite Actors: 
Denzell Washington, Will Smith
Favorite Movies: 
Love & Basketball 0R 7 Pounds 0R The Great Debators
Favorite TV Shows: 
BET: 106&Park
Favorite Gadgets: 
Favorite Sport: 
Cheerleading and Track and Cross Country
Favorite Athletes: 
T. O , Peyton Siva, Chris Smith , John Wall
Favorite Cars: 
Bughatti .. Mercedes
Favorite Book: 
The Bible
Favorite Artist: 
Hamilton Park (: .. i love all music except country
Favorite Song: 
yes by musiq & all of HP songss
Favorite Album / CD: 
Tha Carter 3 or Hero by Kirk Franklin
Favorite Website: OR
Favorite Super Hero: 


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I'm actually working on royce & chris's story... :) I'll let you know personally when i post them :)

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Thanks for the comment about the story love. i appreciate it.:)