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Whazzup?! To make things short and sweet, my life is surrounded almost entirely by the world of music aside from my religious worship. I've played the piano for at least seven years now and have been singing/composing for four. The first time ever performed was back in eighth grade where I performed for the school in a competition. Didn't win, but I got a medal, and since then performing has come natural to me. I've performed at a wedding and for teachers and friends as well and don't plan on stopping! I started writing songs four years ago, composing instrumentals for some of them a year or so ago. I use songwriting as sort of a vent for my emotions and simply a record for life's situations. I enjoy it like you'll never know! I'm in my junior year of high school this year, and am doing my best to continue to be a good student. Hamilton Park, I just discovered about y'all, but one thing I know is this: keep doin y'all thing and reach for the stars! Your voices are simply beautiful. :)
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Denzel Washington; Shemar Moore; Morgan Freeman; Lauren London; Will Smith
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Stomp The Yard; Seven Pounds; Remember the Titans; Madea's Big Happy Family
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Hawthorne; Criminal Minds; Taking the Stage; So You Think You Can Dance
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NookColor; iPod
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Kobe Bryant; Michael Jordan
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Camaro; Mustang; Lamborghini; Charger
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The Bible; The Catcher in the Rye; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
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Michael Jackson; Trey Songz; Hamilton Park ;)
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"Thing Called Us"; "Man in the Mirror"; "Lighters"
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Pieces of Me
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Hey, how are you?